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Project Description

Bind form events to CRM 2011 entities without drilling into a CRM form entity. An easier way to manage CRM Javascript events.



  • Modify events for forms, tabs and fields.
  • Bind javascript web resources to forms.
  • Change the order of web resources and events
  • View javascript functions in web resources.
  • Load, create, save and publish solutions.

The Why

This project was created because I hate having to drill into an entity to modify its events and I wanted to get over the learning curve for creating extension programs in CRM 2011.

Release to Beta

I was given a tight schedule to crank something out with-in 3 days. I roughly put this application together and now I'm correcting things as I find them. I am using this to help out with a CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011 migration. I'm thinking I'll declare this application beta around December 2012.

All suggestions/comments are welcome.

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