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Documentation version: CRM 2011 Event Binder v1 (Alpha)

Note, this version only works with AD security.

Getting started

Creating a connection

  • Click 'New connection'
  • Specify server name and port and click 'Discover'. Port is not required if its 80 or 443 when SSL is selected.
  • Select an organization and click 'Select'
  • Fill in username and password and click 'Save connection'. domain\username format is required. Credentials won't save if authentication fails.
  • Connections are stored in 'C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\CrmServer\Credentials.xml'
  • Click 'Retrieve Entities'

Creating a solution/Loading a solution and binding an event

  • Select an entity that has a customizable form and click 'Create Solution'
  • Click on the name of the loaded form, (default is normally Information)
  • Select an available web resource and click 'Link'
  • Select the newly created web resource in the 'Linked web resources' list to view it's function list.
  • Select a javascript function in the 'Javascript Functions' list
  • Select the event and properties associated with the new event you want to register. Then click 'Add'

Note: Events are not contrained. The event you select must be a valid event. See the list of valid events below.
  • Forms - OnLoad, OnSave
  • Tabs - OnStateChange
  • Sections - This section show up on Microsoft's site for allowing events but there's no documention on what events are allowed.
  • Cells - OnChange

Edit event

  • Select a registered event
  • Make changes and click 'Save'

Publish changes

  • Click Save and Publish
  • Clean up created solution by clicking Delete Solution

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